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Healthy living in my 20s.

Ask me anything   My diet and fitness plan   

My journey to eat healthy and be fit for life~

I'm just under 5'2 and my starting weight was 120 lbs. I'm in my 20s now so I have to start to take care of what goes into my body!

CW: 116 lbs
GW: 100-105 lbs
.But mainly, I want to take care of my body and be fit and healthy!

This blog will be where I post what I eat, healthy recipes, my workouts, tips, motivational pictures, and where I let out my frustration when I get tempted with unhealthy food! Join me in this healthy living challenge :)

People have been asking me about the Cooler One Plan in the Eat Clean Diet. 

I followed it before, I’m not on it now but I do know you can definitely lose a lot of weight if you follow it for two weeks! You are only supposed to follow it for a max of 2 weeks then continue eating clean.

So I decided to upload it to anyone who wants to know about it!

Here it goes :)

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